Entrepreneurs from Gary Vee to Elon Musk talk of extreme hours, weekends in the office and cancelled social lives as the price of building a great business. Back in the real world, these stories can also send people into burnout, ostracise friends and strip joy out of life, resulting in anything but success.

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Elon Musk once said “…if somebody is working 50 hours [a week] and you’re working 100, you’ll get twice as much done in the course of a year”. Startup culture is awash with narratives about entrepreneurs grinding seven days a week in pursuit of success. …

Battles between fake meat and cheap meat will only result in more choice and cheaper food.

Meat is at the core of current disucsssions about food, with sustainability, health and the environment central. How much meat should we eat? Or should we eat it at all?

Documentaries showing teary-eyed presenters sobbing over the destruction of our natural environment calling for an end to meat production segue…

Donald Trump’s journey from reality TV to the world’s top job teaches valuable lessons about building a movement.

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“It’s fucked mate. Your car is fucked.”

The palms of my hands moisten and my eyelids slowly close, as I try to recall my credit card balance, and calculate whether the unworn jeans I bought on payday are still within their 28 day free returns period.

On the phone is…

Binge eating and binge drinking can be short term fixes for uncomfortable situations. But it’s a hollow victory when the feelings keep coming back.

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The last piece of pizza languished in the box, staring at me. It was tepid and dull, it’s life forces seeping out the bottom of the box.

My stomach winced at the sight of it. The seams of my jeans strained. A sickening mix of masticated BBQ chicken pizza and…

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