Eating Pets, Butchering Pigs and Vegan Absolutism — Part 5: Rural Meat vs Urban Vegan

Butchering our pig, Theresa. © Author

Certain activities are not performed for any kind of voyeuristic performance, but for the health of humankind and I’d suggest that the butchering of animals is one of those things. Just like surgery or slaughter, this is not a spectator sport.

The slab. © Author

Death is intrinsic to life, just as birth, both are inevitabilities to be handled with dignity, love and respect, even celebration.

Respect is the element which remains in stark absence from modern meat consumption. When did you last feel a sense of sadness or respect purchasing sausages at the supermarket? Our contemporary sources of meat allow society to become completely emotionally detached from the entire process that brings it to the plate.

If we assume that animals have equal rights to humans, then we have no right to kill them.

However, as any cat owner will know, carnivorous animals have a playful thirst for the life of other animals and when it comes to sport or hunger, they will happily kill each other. These creatures are not working on the same introspective, intellectual and philosophical level that we are, perhaps they didn’t get the memo. However, an animal’s inherent desire to hunt is not a reason for us to do the same to them, because we have the capacity to make ethical choices.

Learning to fist bump with a lamb. © Author

Those who are completely removed from the life of agricultural production and animal husbandry by the urban sprawl are the ones predominantly removing meat from their diet.

The theme of disconnection appears yet again, riding the burgeoning wave of veganism, a lifestyle rather than a diet, which espouses a good/bad dichotomy of extreme positions when it comes to meat.

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