It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Unsuccessful.

Your teachers were faulty

Gavin Wren


Do you have visions of wild success that remain out of reach? Has life failed to provide the paycheque that you hoped to receive?

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, your teaching was faulty.

Medium makes it easy to believe the absence of success is your fault. Work harder, be more productive, get up earlier, take cold showers, drink bulletproof, follow the habits of CEOs and read more books whilst being a digital nomad.

Popular stories proclaim answers, while you sit, lonely, broke and full of hope, trying to channel the joy of another’s success into your broken life. It’s not your fault.

Every action in life is determined by prior experiences. Failure is not a sign of doing something wrong, it signifies the parts of life where the teaching has been defective.

Blaming a baby for knocking over a cup would mark you as a psychopath. In time, the baby will learn not to knock cups over. Knocking out a policeman when you’re 32 isn’t your fault, in time you will learn not to knock policemen out. The baby and the 32 year old have things to learn, because until that point, they’ve have not understood what is wrong and that is not their fault.

It takes time. Doing the wrong thing doesn’t guarantee you’ll immediately learn how to do it right. It takes time, sometimes we make the same mistake more than once. We’re all slightly insane, any person who claims they learn from every failure is lying, because humans make mistakes, then make the same mistake again.

Being unsuccesful is not your fault. Your teaching was faulty, because human beings are faulty. Every person who ever taught you is faulty. The only people in the world who can teach are all faulty. All of our teachers are faulty, which is why we are faulty, as well.

It isn’t our teacher’s fault, because they had faulty teachers too.

We come from a line of faulty, disordered, unsuccessful teachers. Which is why it’s OK to be unsuccessful, because your teachers failed you. You, however, are perfect, as long as you keep being human and keep failing. Never trust perfection, it’s a lie, but being unsuccessful is not your fault.

Besides, you’re doing great, just as you are, and the only people who have ever succeeded in this life were faulty too.