What an average dose of “The ‘Rona” looks like

How it feels to have Covid-19

Gavin Wren


Day 1: Monday 16th March 2020
Mondays are always tough, aren’t they? My brain struggled to fumble it’s way around planning my week of work, on this groggy Monday morning. Overwhelming desire to eat carbs, especially crisps.

Day 2: Tuesday 17th March 2020
Woke feeling ill, which was a genuine relief. It explained that Monday’s fumbling pace wasn’t a belated hangover, it was the early stages of illness putting pressure on my immune system. Finished the day feeling excited at the prospect of getting Coronavirus done ASAP.

Day 3: Wednesday 18th March 2020
Full blown Covid-19 symptoms. Woke up late with aching joints which hurt when pressure is applied to them. Temperature has risen and my headache requires constant paracetemol consumption. Dry cough has appeared, a slight, mild cough that’s causing very little disturbance. The sore throat is always there alongside a gentle rasping tightness of the lungs. The most frustrating symptom is the woozy brain fog which has made reading emails or cooking dinner into disorienting activities. The virus has reduced me to a bed-bound Netflix bucket, only well enough to watch a single episode before taking a nap, then repeat. Testing unavailable for me as symptoms are not critical.

Day 4: Thursday 19th March 2020
Woke up bathed in sweat, so I moved to the empty side of the bed to feel dry bed linen against my body. Turned the bed down to dry the sheets after waking. Symptoms persist as yesterday, easing slightly as the day passed.

Day 5: Friday 20th March 2020
Hope appeared on the horizon as the symptoms eased again. Paracetemol no longer needed as the aches and pains have lowered to a mild level. Tried to do a press-up but stopped when my wrists felt arthritic as pressure was applied to them.

Day 6: Saturday 21st March 2020
Cooked eggs on toast for lunch, topped with excessive quantities of tomato ketchup. I cut a large chunk of the food and lifted it into my mouth, only to be met with an acidic twang shooting up my nostrils and the absence of any other flavour.